Mestre Delei


Wanderlei de Oliveira Narciso, known internationally as “Mestre Delei Kaçula”, was born in Minas Gerais, Brazil on December 18th, 1964.  He started training Capoeira at 8 years of age when he discovered Capoeira was his passion.  In 1972, he joined Liga de Capoeira Cordão Vermelho under Mestre Cunha, obtaining his Mestre cord in 1982.  After dealing with constant discrimination against him and his sport, he decided to leave his country and travel to the United States. He had a desire of showing the world what Capoeira really is about and had faith that his art and his berimbau would take him places.  Throughout his journey, he visited several countries such as Peru, Colombia, Costa Rica, and Mexico, leaving behind a foundation of students which were moved by his unique style of teaching the art of Capoeira.  He arrived to Florida in 1994 where he founded Capoeira Abolição Community Foundation, Inc.  Although Capoeira Abolição is an international Capoeira group, Mestre Delei’s main academy is in Miami Beach, Florida, where he lives and teaches students of all ages and levels.  He now has forty years of his life dedicated to the fighting art of Capoeira and has students teaching and training worldwide under his supervision.


Capoeira Abolição

Capoeira Abolição is dedicated to enhancing the lives of children, teens and adults through the practice of this amazing and unique martial art known as Capoeira. We pride ourselves in preserving Capoeira’s integrity and effectiveness by working with our students to maintain a drug-and-alcohol-free environment in all of our locations at all times.
Students are encouraged to take advantage of everything Capoeira has to offer. Besides the obvious physical benefits, Capoeira provides several long-lasting psychological and emotional benefits such as increased confidence, self-esteem, discipline, and sense of balance between all aspects one’s life. Our students learn from day one that Capoeira is much more than just kicking or fighting…it is an art, offering lessons in self-defense, history, music, language, tradition, and culture!